Helping brands with thier creative business masterplan

We have witnessed first-hand the dizzying change that digital media has brought to the fashion industry. It has opened up a window to thousands of new brands, and the market has become extremely competitive. Sustainability, transparency, and moving to a more direct to consumer model are shaping a new era. Businesses have, often painfully, learned to adapt while many are still learning.

The challenges facing fashion leaders, entrepreneurs and especially owner led independent businesses are unique. They are often caught between large well- known brands who have unlimited budgets for digital marketing strategies, and young up-and-coming unknown brands who are just far more digital savvy and agile.

From experience we’ve also found independent businesses frequently lack the level of knowledge and expertise in their team to take both their product and to the next level. They So now, in addition to being overworked, stressed about cash flow and production, owners are asking themselves: How do you stay visible, credible and grow business in such a competitive environment?

We supply the board- room level expertise, coaching, and business strategy services alongside a formidable network to help you with your business master plan.


A powerful coaching programme that fast tracks fashion businesses to creative and strategic clarity.

The ALIGN program is a unique six-month coaching program that is designed for ambitious fashion business owners looking for support and industry expertise to grow, scale or pivot their business to become a known and respected brand. It fast tracks you to the insights critical to building the framework of a long-lasting, strategic fashion business, by applying each of the steps of the method through a blend of training and exercises. We support you all the way with high-quality, individualised expert feedback from our team of industry experts.


Get straight to the answers and expertise you need to make informed creative and strategic decisions today

Our powerful network of experienced board room level talent is available to those on the ALIGN programme who wish more targeted support in any particular areas the five step method. Whether its getting more feedback on your product, distribution strategy, or perhaps support with production or questions on raising finance, we offer additional 1:1 Focus Sessions and connections to get you to those answers fast.

Since working though the ALIGN programme, both Helen and I have found so much more conviction and clarity Joanne has really helped us focus on the essence of our brand and highlight the key factors will dictate the level of our success.

Sara Madderson, Founder and Director of Madderson London


We provide an objective report of where your business stands today, helps you uncover opportunities and gives you a next steps action plan.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the fast-paced changes of digital market and looking for some clarity, the ALIGN DIAGNOSTIC is a practical first step. It’s the perfect introduction for time-poor ambitious fashion leaders to learn more about the ALIGN principle, and who wish to take that first step to making their brand stand out. Fast track to an overview of where your business stands today and the actions you can take to take your business to the next level.


How resilient is your business to the new era of digital fashion? Score your business and plan your next steps.

Our Resilience Workshop is the perfect introduction to the ALIGN principle. This highly interactive 3-hour participation workshop is aimed at ambitious fashion business owners who are looking to understand the market opportunities, stress test their business resilience, and to understand the key elements that need to be aligned in order to stand out in today’s digital era.