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Live Webinar with Q&A Friday 28th February 3pm GMT


What will your brand be known for, and what’s your point of difference when it comes to innovation and sustainability?

Fashion innovation is a mindset, and it’s a creative challenge that’s both exciting and necessary for all future brands to succeed. Brands need to challenge their team to create ideas and intellectual property. To be curious about how technology is affecting manufacturing. To push boundaries, and l find even with such a crowded market that you can indeed create something new.

The innovation mindset is placed firmly at the heart of Joanne Yulan Jong’s five-step methodology in her book the Fashion Switch.

Climate change and a new wave of public awareness of sustainably, has sparked positive change and accelerated interest in replacing raw materials. The fashion business is now known for being one of the biggest polluting industries on this planet, it’s no surprise that brands are now researching fast into how innovation in textiles can make fashion more sustainable. Yet, whilst there is progress, the journey to sustainable fashion is proving far more complex than they thought.

Reserve your place and  join Joanne Yulan Jong, author of the Amazon bestseller The Fashion Switch and founder of the award-winning London based agency Yulan Creative, for this live webinar and Q&A with guest panellist, Alessia Gotti founder of the sustainable textile agency AG// Textile Studio. Learn about the innovation mindset, the third of the authors five ALIGN foundations of brand alignment and understand key insights on textile innovations. In the live interview with Joanne and Alessia, you will learn how to approach sustainability, certification of raw materials, and where and how to source sustainable fabrics.

What is The Fashion Innovation and Sustainable Fabrics webinar about?

In this practical and interactive session, we will explore the importance of innovation as a mindset and why research and development as the core competency of the future fashion business. In the live interview with Joanne and Alessia, you can learn how to approach sustainability, certification of raw materials, and where and how to source sustainable fabrics and the progress that’s being made in sustainable fashion textiles.

  • Learn why understand why R&D is at the forefront of successful brands
  • How to harness the innovation of the product as a point of difference
  • Niche and what makes you unique in the market content
  • Learn to unpack your value and integrity
  • Understand how to approach sustainability 

Who will benefit from this webinar?

  • Brand builders with integrity who want to make a difference
  • Established fashion and lifestyle brands looking for outstanding sustainable fabrics
  • Create business leaders in fashion and retail looking to stay ahead of the curve
  • Ambitious ethical fashion-leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Luxury product developers who want to differentiate

About Joanne Jong

Yulan Creative works with ethical and sustainable lifestyle and fashion businesses helping them articulate their value online and grow their business through award-winning brand strategy, content creation and creative direction.

Note: Places are limited, so if you are unable to attend, we would appreciate it if you could let us know.